Branding isn’t something that’s just the preserves of major companies or something that has to cost the earth. Consistently applied, it can help bring a greater recognition for your business and connection with your customers.

An example: Hook & Rose, Crochet Designer

Hook & Rose website brandingWebsite:
Hook & Rose wanted a website they could easily update themselves to illustrate their creations, linking through to their Folksy shop and their social media accounts.

The website was designed in WordPress to a design the Hook & Rose wanted. The site was set up with website analytics and optimised for SEO. Full training was given on using WordPress to update and use the website.


Hook & Rose Folksy Shop BrandingFolksy:
Hook & Rose sell the majority of their designs via Folksy so wanted their shop to be easily recognisable when customers move from their website to the shop. The bees and rose are important elements for Hook & Rose so were further picked out in a bespoke banner for the Folksy shop, whilst retaining the logo for the profile image.


Social Media:

Hook & Rose Social Media Branding

The logo was used across Hook & Rose’s Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts as the profile image to give consistency across all platforms. The bees and rose are once again picked out for use within the Twitter header and background images, with full training being given on using social media to promote Hook and Rose’s designs and their Folksy shop.

Business Cards:

Hook & Rose Business Cards Branding

Hook & Rose also wanted some business cards to be able to hand out and include with all items sold. The logo was used for the front of the card to match the website, shop and social media accounts, with details of their social media accounts too. The back was designed with the rose and bees featuring again to leave a space for small handwritten messages.

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