Twitter Header Setup

Twitter have recently introduced header Images, in a similar fashion to Facebook cover images and Google+ cover photos.

You can upload a header image by editing the settings for your Twitter account and selecting the ‘Design’ option. Initially your account will have no header but selecting ‘change header’ will allow you to add a header image. There are a number of Twitter options, similar to background images, or you can upload one. It is recommended that the optimal image size to upload is 1,252 x 626 pixels for best display across all devices.

The image cannot be interactive or animated in any way and must be either a JPG or PNG, and be less than 5Mb.

 Twitter Header Dimensions

The image is re-sized to 520 x 260 on but maintains an aspect ratio of 2:1 across all devices. A gradient is automatically applied to the uploaded image which is more noticeable on lighter images. The top corners of the header image are rounded but the bottom two remain square.

Your Twitter profile image will be displayed over the header image (as above), along with your Twitter Account name, Twitter Username, Bio, Location and URL – as entered in your Twitter settings. The text is always in white (currently) so remember this when choosing your Twitter header image.

Adding a header image will slightly change the layout of your Twitter profile too. Most notable of these is the more prominent display of the last six images you have tweeted (previously this was just four and they were smaller). You also have a greater control of the placement of your Twitter background image.

If you would like any help or have any queries about adding or changing your Twitter header image, please contact us.

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