Twitter is very much the ‘here and now’ of social media. It’s very unlikely your followers will bother to scroll back too far in their Twitter feed to find something you posted earlier in the day. If you tweet at the wrong time of day you could be wasting your time, very few of your followers will even see it. So when is the best time to tweet?

There are numerous tools out there that will look at your tweets and determine the optimal time to post and more. Some examples that will analyse the best time to tweet are:

Crowdbooster will analyse your tweets and Facebook posts to produce a series of recommendations on when to post, who to connect with and who your more influential followers are. It will provide you with a large amount of information down to the individual tweet level to see how they are performing so you can really get stuck in with the analysis! And the advantage Crowdbooster has over most of the other tools is that it allows you to analyse both your Facebook and Twitter accounts at the same time.

Tweriod will look at the tweets of both you and your followers to let you know when most of your followers are online. This will show you when you can expect the most exposure for your tweets and when you are likely to get most replies. It breaks down the analysis by weekdays and weekends which is useful too. The free package will only analyse up to 1,000 of your followers once a month, but you can log back in to see the results at any point. highlights your most important followers, suggests people to engage with and who to follow based on certain keywords you enter relevant to your business. You are restricted to 3 keywords in the free analysis but you can change these. It also only allows you ’50 engagements’ within the free version but you can use Twitter to follow people rather than doing so via

A quick analysis of which tweets were retweeted the most and the potential reach of these tweets based on the number of followers each person who tweeted you has. You don’t have to log in to carry out a basic analysis.

A simple solution that provides a graphical view of when you tweet and when you get replies to your tweets. It doesn’t require you to login to use it but doesn’t offer much in depth analysis.

These all offer a free, basic analysis and then in most cases a ‘premium’ (aka paid) for solution, that go into more detail and will analyse more followers and tweets. They all offer variations on the same theme of suggestions on when is the best time to tweet. To be honest unless you have a big budget for your social media and a lot of time to spend on the analysis, you will only need the free versions.

Results from using these services should only ever be taken as an indication of the best time to tweet though. They all have flaws in their analysis, there are many other factors to consider when tweeting not considered by these tools. Use their suggestions as a guide as when to tweet, thinking about who you want to reach and where they are, and remember that you can post the same information at different times.

It’s not always about getting as many re-tweets and replies, sometimes one response is all you need to open up new opportunities. But if you really do want to spread your message far and wide, tweet something interesting and put ‘please RT’ at the end of it!

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