#YorkshireHour (@Yorkshire_Hour) is an initiative established by Aspinall Ink and @RomanticCotHols for Yorkshire businesses to promote themselves via Twitter. It is held every Wednesday between 8-9pm, with businesses tweeting about themselves including the hashtag ‘#YorkshireHour’ within their tweet. It’s as simple as that, with no hard and fast rules just lots of retweeting, following and promoting yourself!

However, it is very popular now which is great for promoting your business, but means it can be a bit difficult to keep track of everything and miss the good stuff. Don’t worry, come Wednesday night pour yourself a glass of wine, pull up a chair and relax. The simplest method to follow what is happening is to simply click on the #YorkshireHour hashtag. If you’re using twitter.com remember it will only show the ‘top’ tweets unless you select ‘all’. You can save this as a search within twitter also.

However, if you’re using social media management software (such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck - both of these are available to use free of charge) you can click on the #YorkshireHour hashtag and then ‘save as stream’ (Hootsuite) or ‘add column’ (Tweetdeck) – thank you to Yorkshire Language Services for the tip. You will then have an extra column to view all tweets made using this hashtag as well as being able to see your normal Twitter feed, your posts, interactions, etc. The #YorkshireHour column will update at break-neck speed but the beauty of setting up this column is you don’t have to worry. They’re not going anywhere, you can browse through them after #YorkshireHour has finished, the following day or when ever is convenient for you to look back through the tweets. It’s also worth retaining this as one of your permanent streams or columns as the #yorkshireHour hash tag seems to get used more and more throughout the week now.

Hootsuite Yorkshirehour stream Tweetdeck Yorkshirehour column

You can use this to get a feel for what other businesses tweeted about if you’ve not participated before, see if there are other businesses you would like to follow or get in touch with, all at a far more leisurely pace than trying to keep other with hundreds of tweets scrolling past you between 8-9pm each Wednesday night.

And if you’re not going to be around during #YorkshireHour, you could always schedule some tweets to appear between 8-9pm on a Wednesday night and respond to interactions at a later date using one of the techniques described here.

If you’d like any further assistance with this or any other aspect of social media, please get in touch.

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